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Nike Dunk High Retro Men's Shoes White/Black size 9.5

Nike Dunk High Retro Men's Shoes White/Black size 9.5

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The impact of the Nike Dunk extends far beyond basketball courts and into the realm of skateboarding. Although initially designed as a basketball shoe in 1985, its flat and grippy soles proved to be an ideal fit for an often-overlooked sports community: skateboarders. This revelation uncovered a subculture that yearned for both creativity and practicality, and the Dunk responded by introducing an extensive array of color combinations over the decades that continue to resonate with skateboarders from coast to coast.

Acknowledging the Dunk's origins as a favored choice among college teams, the "Be True To Your School" pack draws inspiration from the original advertising campaign. These colorways pay homage to prestigious universities, while incorporating design elements that evoke a sense of nostalgia for classic basketball aesthetics. The crisp leather finish adds just the right touch of shine, making them an unequivocal win. So, lace up your sneakers and proudly display your school spirit with these color combinations that pay tribute to your favorite team. Ready to play?

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